About Us

My designs are inspired by my childhood living amongst the hills and moorland of Yorkshire. The region's rich textile history, the literature of the Brontes, the dramatic dark architecture stained from years of industry and the wild beauty of the landscapes. Having now lived in London for over twenty years, I have continued to be drawn back to the character and uniqueness of the place I grew up.

After studying Textiles as a Degree in Nottingham and then working for 25 years in Fashion and Interiors Buying, followed by a Diploma in Interior Design, the time came to explore my roots again and merge all of my experience and passions into one brand.

Print is Ilkley London's starting point and we interpret the wild untamed natural lanscapes into designs which are unique to us. We take time to review each strike-off and repeat the process until we are satisfied with the colour, scale and detail of each design before the fabric is printed.

Our nightwear is reviewed continually for fit and performance and improved on with each order we place with our manufacturer, and with your feedback we are continually striving to improve.

As a small business we appreciate every single order, which means we can keep improving and growing so a big thank- you to you, our customers, and we sincerely hope we bring to you a better nights sleep. x