Cotton Grass

Cotton Grass, also known as Eriophorum, gets its name from the cotton-like tufts that form on its tall stems in the summer months. Cotton Grass is a unique and iconic feature of the moors, adding to the charm and beauty of this wild landscape. Its fluffy white seed heads create a whimsical and ethereal atmosphere, as they sway in the wind and catch the light. The plant typically flowers between May and June, creating a stunning display of white tufts that stretch as far as the eye can see.

Cotton Grass plays an important role in the moorland ecosystem, providing food and shelter for various species of birds and insects. It is also an indicator of the health and condition of the moorland, as it requires specific environmental conditions to thrive.

Cotton Grass in full bloom is a delight, and when mingled with the pinks and purples of heather or tufts of grasses, it brings a softness and prettiness to the landscape. We have used this stunning display as inspiration for our Cotton Grass Ilkley London print and it is a perfectly delicate print for our nightwear.