Rapeseed Wax and Wood Wick Candle in a Tin


We have sourced candles with eco credentials and Corpo Sancto who make these are committed to using wax which can be developed from sustainable sources hence their use of Rapeseed Oil. It burns with a golden flame too and the wood wick creates a satisfying crackle.

Salt and Thyme - the fresh smell of seaweed, sea breeze and minerals, top notes of thyme and grapefruit, hints of bergamot and sage. Base notes of musk, amber and cedarwood.

Neroli and Basil - A herbal citrus'y fragrance with fresh basil and nuances of lemon and mandarin leading to note of neroli, rose, jasmine and cyclamen. Base notes of rich musks, precious woods and amber.

Vetiver - A green scent of wild vetiver blended with bergamot and orange, followed by notes of herbal orange. Woody base notes of sandalwood and patchouli with musk soft hints of tarragon and birch leaf.

Hand Poured.  Burn time 60 h. Tin 30g, h 8cm x d 7.5cm.

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